Personalized In-Home Meal Preparation
My mission statement
I prepare from-scratch meals designed specifically for my clients that are preservative free. I use whole foods that contain the nutrients lacking in fast food and frozen meals.

 *I do all the food shopping. This saves you time and gasoline.

*I cook in your home and place the finished prepared meals in re-heatable, recyclable containers immediately in your freezer/refrigerator. This guarantees freshness and food safety.

*I prepare meals that you have chosen from a list of options reflecting your food likes and dislikes. This assures that you will not have any meal "surprises" when you dine!

*I label all containers with easy to read heating instructions. This assures that you are heating the food in the best possible way.

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Personal Chef, Sharon Blickenstaff

"Health is not everything; without health though, everything is worth nothing"
                                      -Lao Tzu
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